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Helly Hansen Body Wear

Wet skin becomes cold skin, leading to chilling and even hypothermia.  Your body heat pushes sweat through the fabric away from your skin to the next layer of clothing.  An absolute essential for anyone that builds up a sweat during work or recreation.


PolyPro Body Wear

Heavyweight fabric.   Navy only.  Machine washable , hang to dry.  Available in Long sleeve crewneck $37.99 (pictured); Short sleeve crew neck $34.99; Pant $34.99; One piece suit $72.99.  Balaclavas, toques, and glove liners also available.


EasyCare Body Wear

Medium weight fabric.  Grey only.  Machine wash and dry.  Available in Long sleeve crewneck $24.99; Pant $24.99.  Balaclavas and toques also available.

PolyPro Body Wear

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